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Real Estate Rental

Real Estate Rental Program Information

  • Who will manage the rental pool? The Acanto management team manages the property/
  • Do I have to participate in the rental program? No, the Condominium owners do not have to participate in the rental program
  • Can I rent out my unit myself? Condo owners may rent the units out themselves, subgect to the terms and condition in the rental management agreement.
  • May I occupy my own unit? Yes owners may occupy their units anytime.
  • Are there any charges when I stay in my unit? Yes, there is a miniumum service charge and cleaning fee while owners stay in their condomimium.
  • What is the split with the Management Company? The split is 60% Owner 40% Management, after all expenses are deducted from the rental income.
  • How will people reserve my condo hotel unit? Rentals and bookings are directly through hotel managemet wheter through online travel agents or the hotel website.
  • How is the Owner accounting taken care of? Management does all accounting and presents reports to each owner.
  • What costs am I responsible for? Miscellaneous costs apply, such as, annual HOA fees, Taxes, Cable, Electric etc. Contact us for more details